Are you at risk for Ovarian Cancer?

Have you been diagnosed with or do you have a family history of Ovarian Cancer?

Are you facing the possibility of having to take powerful prescription medications for the rest of your life?

 Are you concerned that your future will involve the need for additional medication or major surgeries?

 Do you want to give yourself the best chance to live a long and healthy life?

 If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you found the right web site.

 Plantastic Life is a state of being that can be described as a state of optimal health.  Plant Based Greatness is achievable for just about anyone at any age – even if you have a family history of or have been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.

 There is strong evidence that shows that a Whole Food Plant Based diet (WFPB) can help you overcome your diagnoses of or genetic predisposition for Ovarian Cancer.

 This web site offers you information and resources to help you learn why a WFPB diet enables the body to ward off or fight a wide variety of chronic diseases.

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  1. Judith Withers says:

    I was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer. I had extensive surgery with chemotherapy which was successful initially. At this point I embraced whole heartedly the WFPB diet. I am one of those people that you would have least expected to get cancer. I have always been healthy and looked young for my age. I have eaten organic, and little to no sugar all my life but it did not protect me from this. I ate a lot of organic raw dairy products over the years. I began a strict WFPB diet after chemotherapy which showed I was clean of my cancer but in 8 months I was showing to have a second recurrence of disease in spite of my diet. I am very strict. I am underweight though so I do have to include more nuts and seeds in my diet to maintain or hopefully gain. I exercise almost daily and meditate. I am now in a clinical trial and I faithfully adhere to this diet and so far things are starting to go my way again. I am hoping for a complete cure as on this diet my doctors are amazed at how I tolerate treatment. I know my diet is what is keeping me strong so far. I want to prove that diet can cure even something as grave as my disease. Any more suggestions? Thank you

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