Help people discover that the achievement of long term health, vitality and happiness is under their control

Beliefs (Why does Plantastic Life exist?)

  • We believe that achieving long term health and vitality is under the control of the individual, NOT the individual’s doctor.
  • We believe that long term health is NOT  achieved by medications, surgeries or portion controlled diets
  • We believe that everyone has the power to regain and/or maintain their health and vitality
  • We believe the chronically ill can be healed through lifestyle change
  • We believe in following a lifestyle  that allows the body ‘s natural healing powers to work
  • We believe that genes “load the gun”, but lifestyle “pulls the trigger”.
  • We believe that diet has the greatest impact on an individual’s risk of developing chronic disease
  • We believe that long term health and vitality is largely dependent upon the types of foods we eat
  • We believe that Health Professionals treating chronic diseases caused by diet, should use diet as the primary therapy (Drugs and procedures should be  alternative therapies)
  • We believe that regular physical activity enhances one’s quality of life.

 How to Help

  • Instruct people on the evidence showing that a Whole Food Plant Based diet (WFPB) is the best way to prevent and treat the diseases of affluence
  • Instruct people on how to transition to a WFPB diet
  • Help people decide the type of WFPB diet that best works for them
  • Instruct people on  how to make a WFPB diet delicious
  • Instruct people on how to avoid pitfalls that result in making unhealthy food choices
  • Instruct people on how to safely incorporate exercise into their lives to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and balance


  • 3 hr. Introduction Class focusing on the “Why” WFPB Diets are the way to go
  • Roadmap to guide you on your WFPB journey to a Plantastic Life (printed document)
  • Bi-weekly support groups
  • Monthly Cooking Classes
  • Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Tested Premium Recipes
  • Lots of valuable free information and links on this web site

Future Plans

  • Plantastic Life Cookbook
  • Delicious Plantastic Life prepared foods.