WFPB and Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Roy Swank of the Oregon Health and Science University used a low-fat, low saturated fat, plant strong diet for decades to help MS patients keep their affliction at bay. Dr. Swank died in 2008 at the age of 99.  Dr Swank was one of Dr. John McDougall’s mentors. 

Dr. McDougall’s research foundation is working with the Oregon Health and Science Foundation to build upon Dr. Swank’s impressive research.

Click here to watch Dr. McDougall discuss the work of Dr. Swank and how a Whole Food Plant Based High Starch diet can help MS patients live normal and long lives.

 The Plant Based Greatness Resources Page can direct you to experts on WFPB diets and Multiple Sclerosis.

I strongly encourage you to investigate the convincing research that shows how a WFPB lifestyle allows individuals with MS to live normal and long lives.

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