Genes Load the Gun, but Lifestyle Pulls the Trigger

Everyone has genetic predispositions for chronic diseases.  However, as the title of this blog suggests, a genetic predisposition for a disease does not condemn a person to that disease.  Nature decides what specific chronic diseases may afflict you, but nurture (lifestyle) decides whether or not you’ll ever develop those diseases.

 A typical chronic disease model contains 4 steps:

1) begins with genes

2) initiation by a highly reactive substance or microorganism,

3) promotion over a fairly long time by nutritional environment, and

4) becomes a sustained self destructive process

 According to T. Colin Campbell PhD,  Professor Emeritus from Cornell University and distinguished research scientist, step # 3 is all powerful in that it is the rate-limiting step in disease formation.  If we eat a proper diet, (ie a WFPB diet), we can receive great protection from our own genes and any disease causing substance or organism that we encounter.  Dr. Campbell shares his reasoning in great detail in the best selling book “The China Study”.   If you have yet to read The China Study, it’s high time you did.

Click here to read a short article by Dr. Campbell entitled “Cancer in China vs. The United States”.


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