Cleaning Dirty Chicken

On this web site’s Resources page, you can access experts who can provide you with many reasons to avoid animal products (meat, fish ,poultry, eggs and dairy). I won’t spend time here reinventing the wheel.   

 The purpose of this post is aimed at  those of you who are limiting your animal food intake, but still include “lean” chicken breasts as part of your diet.  In addition to providing over 20% of its calories as fat, (mostly saturated), please know that your chicken was likely soaked in a chlorine bath in an attempt to destroy bacteria derived from feces. 

 James “Lightning” Wilkes informed me of this during his presentation at Plant Stock On August 18, 2013.  As far as I’m concerned, this is just another in a long list of strikes against meat. 

 I wondered what concentration of chlorine is allowed for this bacterial disinfection in comparison to what is allowed in drinking water.

 According to the Environmental Protection Agency,  the Maximum Residual Disinfectant Level Goals (MRDLG) for chlorine in drinking water is 4 ppm.   

 The USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) allows the poultry chilling water to contain up to  50 ppm of free available chlorine. That’s more than 12 times the maximum allowed in drinking water.

 According to Dr. Greger, this chlorine soaking doesn’t always get rid of all pathogenic bacteria.

  James Wilkes, a former MMA champ and trainer of Navy Seals is not afraid of too many things.  However, he is scared of chicken.  You should be too.

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