October Should Be Breast Cancer Risk Awareness month.

Focus should be on making people aware of what lifestyle behaviors increase and decrease breast cancer risk.  The lifestyle behavior on the top of the list would be eating.

Women would learn which foods to avoid and which foods to eat to reduce the risk of developing breast and other cancers.  I believe that this will save more lives and prevent more misery than the current focus on encouraging women to have regular mammograms.

 Click here to read a well-referenced article by Dr. Joel Fuhrman on why our focus needs to be on breast cancer prevention rather than on awareness.   Let’s face it, anyone living in 2013 who is not aware of breast cancer is probably an infant.

I strongly encourage you to read the Nordic Cochrane Centre’s brochure entitled “Screening for Breast Cancer With Mammography”.

The Nordic Cochrane Centre is an independent research and information centre that is part of The Cochrane Collaboration, an international network of individuals and institutions committed to preparing, maintaining, and disseminating systematic reviews of the effects of health care.  The Cochrane Collaboration is well respected for its unbiased reviews of healthcare related research.

Click here to read this important brochure.


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